FIVE Reasons Why DuctQuote Helps Increase Your Selling Power

February 24, 2023

1. FREE Accurate Drawings Turn Into Accurate BoM

DuctQuote generates a complete list of all the pieces you need (quantities, item numbers) and ensures you don’t order a branch at the wrong angle.

The bottom line: Missing or wrong parts can delay installs, which will cost you time and money. They also don’t give your customers confidence in your ability to do the next job right.

2. Accurate Quotes

DuctQuote calculates the cost so you can set expectations with your customers.

The bottom line: When it comes to cost, no one likes surprises. (Unless it’s a discount — which you can also do in DuctQuote!) The ability to accurately quote a job is crucial to winning bids and making money.

3. Easy to Use Interface

There are two ways to make ductwork design easy:

  • Have one of our seasoned Duct Guys create designs for you
  • Use Duct Quote’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface

The bottom line: The ease-of-use or ability to hand off design to a Duct Guy frees you up to do other things, like prospect or sell.

4. Presentation Tool

Duct Quote can create a branded proposal for your company/product

Designs are saved in a shareable, 3D format

Gives you order of install, so customers aren’t left hanging

The bottom line: You don’t need to put extra effort (or cost) into designing sales materials. Your proposals will appear professional and polished.

5. FREE Tool – With a Secret Sales Weapon Included

DuctQuote is free to use for authorized dealers — with the added perk of your very own Duct Guy!

The bottom line: Free is great, but the perks you get along with it make a real difference. You not only get free use and training of Duct Quote, but you also get a Duct Guy — an invaluable extension of your team when it comes to sales, marketing, ductwork knowledge, and customer service.

Mockup of PDF with 5 Reasons Why DuctQuote helps increase selling powerSell More With DuctQuote

Save now, reference later. Grab a copy of these DuctQuote reminders and start making the most of the tool today.


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