Can Digital Tools Help You Sell More Ductwork?

July 26, 2021

Even before the pandemic started, phone calls and online meetings had been a significant part of our sales and customer service strategy. Offering online training and multiple communication channels lets us connect with you when and where you’re comfortable.

We know many things are going back to normal, but some aspects of our business have been changed forever. Even if you are starting to make in-person sales calls again, the ability to work with a client remotely or use digital tools to augment your process will give you an edge over your competition.

What Is Distance Selling?

Tirelle Daye is a systems engineerDistance selling is all about working with someone online, having a two-way conversation, making a presentation, and having those things bring you closer to a sale.

We’ve found that the key to working remotely is to have all sides looking at the same thing at the same time and reaching a common understanding about it. Asking questions and encouraging conversation will go a long way in forming a relationship and building trust — even through a computer screen. 

What Do You Need for Distance Selling?

Meeting and Screen Share Software

There is a broad landscape of software that can be used to conduct webinars and other online calls. There are dozens of options, but it’s not hard to find a good solution. We’ve chosen one that has audio and video, screen sharing, chat, and recording capabilities. Many platforms will offer free trials, which is a good time to test it out to ensure it has the features you need and is easy to use.

We all have concerns about adding cost but think about the time you spend and the amount of gas you use driving to an appointment. Most meeting software comes in at under $15/month for unlimited use — and some are even free. 

Up-to-date Website

Imagine it now: You’ve arrived at a meeting with your printed sales materials, you pull them out to show your prospect, and it turns out one of the brochures you’ve been carrying is out of date.

With web-enabled sales and an up-to-date website, this problem is eliminated. Whether screen sharing over a remote meeting or presenting in person, sharing spec sheets or a product demo video should be as easy as opening up your company’s website. Knowing you can find accurate information on your website will help relieve some of the pressure of presenting.

Pro tip: Before your pitch, open any documents or web pages you’ll need during the presentation. If you’re conducting an online meeting, this helps your presentation run smoother. If you’re meeting in person, you don’t have to rely on connecting to WiFi to share important product or project details. 


DuctQuote is our proprietary web-based duct design and quoting tool — and it’s also free for you to use. With a sketch drawing, CAD, or an engineered plan, it can produce a dynamic, 3D design, along with the bill of materials, quote, freight estimate, and installation instructions.



If you are distance selling, DuctQuote has the ability to share controls. You and the prospect can explore the design together and discuss the layout, centerline elevations, drops, position of the flex hose, CFM, and all of the components necessary to complete the system. If something is off, you can make the change, and DuctQuote will modify and recalculate everything. The ability for the client to visualize the system and make real-time adjustments is valuable for getting buy-in and ultimately closing the sale.

Where Does Your Duct Guy Come In?

Illustration of US Duct Guy as a duck using a computerOur goal is to make selling ductwork easy, and that starts with making sure you are comfortable. Your Duct Guy can help you prepare for selling — from a distance or in person. If you’re trying out online meeting software for the first time, have your Duct Guy sit through your presentation. This gives you the opportunity to get familiar with the platform and get feedback from your Duct Guy. We’re here if you need your Duct Guy to facilitate the remote meeting or even be an active participant to lead the duct and dust collector conversation. 

Distance Selling: Making Ductwork Easy

You may feel like you lose something by not selling in person, but there are benefits to distance selling: From making the initial call to generating a proposal in DuctQuote, your Duct Guy can help you close the sale from the comfort of your own desk. And when you do go back out into the field to sell, some of these digital tools will enhance your in-person presentation. 

If you need help setting up the technology, learning DuctQuote, or creating a great presentation, our Duct Guys are always here to help.

Get In Touch with a Duct Guy

Kyle Holliman, US Duct's  online closing expert.Make more sales by driving fewer miles. 

Watch the 30-minute webinar: Distance Selling — The Future of Business

Kyle Holliman, our online sales expert, wants to help you make more sales with fewer miles. Getting comfortable using digital tools will help you showcase your company and product lines and close sales. This 30-minute webinar has more tips and tricks on how to use web meetings and DuctQuote efficiently.

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