Introducting: Ductworks

Liz Wallace | May 17, 2021

As your ductwork supplier, we are always searching for and creating new ways to alleviate the potential headaches our customers experience when it comes to duct design.  That's how we make ductwork easier for you - so you can focus more on servicing your customers and growing your business.

US Duct Ductworks - Solid works add-on

Introducing Ductworks, a new add-in for SolidWorks users!

Ductworks has been designed to help you design accurate, 3D ductwork systems faster!

Benefits of Ductworks add-in for SolidWorks:

  • Designing of 3D ductwork systems using US Duct and/or US Tubing ductUS Duct Ductworks - Solid works add-on


  • Produces an accurate Bill of Materials (BoM)Ductworks solid works add-on
  • Design tables can be configured for all standard US Duct and US Tubing parts
  • Produces a 3D image of your system designUS Duct Ductworks - Solid works add-on


  • Can produce all standard views (2D) of your system design (Plan, Right, Left, Front, Back)
  • Will export to all major CAD systems and file formats including but not limited to:
    • .DWG, .DXF, .STEP, .STL, .SLDDRW


Contact Ryan Pautler today to learn more about this useful tool that will make ductwork easy for you!