Laser Welding at US Duct – Why?

Kim Williams | March 27, 2018

laser cutting imageRecently US Duct invested in a laser welder for seam welding duct and tubing. The question you are probably asking is why and what does it do for me? And frankly that was the question we asked on your behalf prior to shelling out the money. I mean after all our product was already good, functioned well and everyone seems to be happy with it. So we really did ask ourselves- ‘If it ain’t broke why fix it?’


‘If it ain’t broke why fix it?’ 

Actually there were some practical ‘product’ related reasons.

  1. The laser weld will give us a rounder duct making the adjustable sleeve fit tighter, but actually the old ‘fit’ was pretty good.
  2. The weld will be continuous to the end of the duct meaning that the notch in the rolled lip will disappear, but then that was never really a critical factor.
  3. We will get a cleaner weld for our US Tubing product line. That is exciting, but that is only one part of our product line.
  4. The process will be slightly faster- but not enough for the investment.

So what really was the impetus for the laser? If the previous product was good enough and the weld only marginally better or faster, why spend all the money?

Good enough isn’t good enough for US Duct!

In short because it is better and good enough is not good enough- not at US Duct.

So when you notice the continuously rolled lip with no notch, fit the sleeve smoothly over the rounder duct and see the clean laser weld you’ll remember that the reason behind it is the same mentality that developed US Tubing and invested in the DuctQuote drawing program –  to make things easier, faster and more accurate for you!

We are US Duct- and serving you with a better product is all the reason we ever need to make things better.


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