The Next Evolution of Clamp Together Duct

Kim Williams | March 22, 2021

Clamp Together Duct has EVOLVED...

.... into airtight, leak-proof ductwork

Cartoon seal holding a sign that says "seals rule ducks drool" to promote US Tubing.For years now, the industrial ductwork industry has enjoyed the speed and flexibility of Clamp Together Duct, or rolled-lip duct as it is sometimes called. There are many benefits to clamp together duct, like

  • Infinite adjustability
  • Speed (and ease) of installation
  • Availability in a variety of gauges 

But there has always been one limitation — potential leakage.

Meet US Tubing

Despite the use of adjustable clamps and stick-on gaskets, under heavy oil mist applications – Clamp Together Duct is still prone to leak. BUT NO MORE!

We're proud to announce a second modular, clamp connect product: US Duct’s leak-free, fully welded ducting system US Tubing!

Our Modular and Airtight Ductwork

US Tubing combines the convenience of Clamp Together Duct with the tight seal of flanged ductwork systems. Each component has a Vanstone lip that allows a V-shaped gasket to fit over the entire ends of the pipes, rather than between ends. This, plus the torque-tightened clamp, compresses the pipe together on the gasket giving strength to the connection — and giving you The Ultimate Seal®.

US Tubing is just one product that can be used to create a leak-free ducting system. We offer oil mist accumulators and curbs to catch any escaping oil mist — keeping facilities clean and safe.


Talk to a Duct Guy About Airtight Ductwork

Our expert Duct Guys have worked in and with the ductwork industry for years. We know the right questions to ask and how your answers will affect your connection type and design. 

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