Now Offering Two Clamp Together Duct Systems

Kim Williams | June 21, 2018

US Duct is now THE ONLY Industrial Ductwork Manufacturer that offers two different styles of clamping ductwork.


Two Types of Clamp Together Duct


Rolled Lip Clamp Together – Our laser welded Roll-Lip Clamp Together Ducting (CTD) is a ducting system that incorporates a rolled edge and a gasketed, over-center clamp to draw together and seal the rolled lip that is formed on the end of ALL components.

The system is available in galvanized and SS material. Standard gauges range from 18-24 gauge with the rolled lip formed directly onto the pipe- as an integral part of the pipe. The system is also available in gauges up to 10 gauge. In this configuration a separate collar is used on the end of the pipe and fitted to the pipe the same as if it were a fitting.

The Clamp Together Ducting system is infinitely adjustable, owing to the use of an adjustable sleeve and the adjustable collar found on each fitting. This feature, combined with the clamping action greatly reduces installation time so as to be 70% faster than standard spiral or flanged duct.


Vanstone Lip Clamp Together – Our laser welded, air-tight tubing system, (US Tubing) incorporates a 1/8″ vanstone end and a fully encompassing gasket with an over center clamp. The clamp is designed to pull the edges together, compressing the gasket. An adjustable bolt, built into the clamp, further tightens the vanstone ends and creates The Ultimate Seal®!

US Tubing is an airtight and leak-free product line of US Duct, Inc. We manufacture this modular metal tubing system, commonly called ducting or pipework, for mist collection, dust extraction, bulk handling, ventilation and low pressure conveying – anywhere that leaking is NOT an option. All parts are fully welded and designed to provide an airtight seal. Our ductwork is available in galvanized, stainless and painted carbon steel. Clamp-Connect tubing is produced in diameters from 4″ to 18″ and available in standard 16 gauge. Options for 22 to 14 gauge thicknesses are available, where needed. Like the rolled lip product, adjustments are also made possible using an adjustable sleeve (available in multiple lengths).


Delivery of both products can be provided within days of your order.