Oil Mist Solutions

Kim Williams | November 6, 2017

Quoting an oil mist collection system? The next time your customer hits you with an oil mist application here’s a quick check-list of questions to ask:


Oil Mist Solutions


  1. Does this system need to be 100% leak free? Meaning, what happens if the system has occasional drips or leaks – especially when turned off? If the answer means that no leaks are tolerable, then consider a leak free solution like flange and gasket connections or US Tubing (a leak free clamp-connect option).
  2. Do they need to manage effluent leaks at machine connections (where the flex hose connects to the duct)?  If so, offer oil mist curbs (oil mist curb details here) as an excellent way of managing the inevitable leaking at flex hose-to-duct connections.
  3. Is this a heavy oil mist system? Does it require or benefit from effluent reclamation? Would the collector benefit from reducing suspended oil prior to collection? Yes? Then include oil mist accumulators as a part of your quote. Oil Mist Accumulators help remove mist from the air stream.

Find out more about each of these products linked below and offer a more complete, effective oil mist collection system.

US Tubing

Oil Mist Curbs

Oil Mist Accumulators