Quick-to-Fit and Quick-to-Ship Clamp Together Duct! We Promise!

Kim Williams | March 8, 2021

What does quick fit ductwork mean?

You may already know that Clamp Together Duct is a smart choice for virtually any industrial ductwork/dust collection application. Clamp Together Duct consists of a 5' laser-welded pipe with a rolled lip, a stainless steel duct clamp with an over-center latch, and an 11" adjustable sleeve. The many benefits include:

  • Gauges light to heavy
  • A complete system: elbows, branches, reducers, adapters, etc.
  • Compatible with other types of duct
  • …and much more!

Quick Fit, Install, and Hang: Clamp Together Ductwork saves time

Up to 70% of install time!

It's tough to pick the top benefit to using Clamp Together Duct, but we think the time saved during install is one of the biggest advantages. The system's construction and design make it one of the quickest ductwork types to fit, install and hang.

The 11" adjustable sleeve gives installers some wiggle room in their measurements and cuts the of pipe. The sleeve’s interior diameter is slightly larger than the outside diameter of the pipe. The sleeve slides over the cut end of the pipe and offers a telescoping capability to ensure the exact fit between components — even if the pipe is cut shorter than needed.

The clamp is designed for repeated, long-term use. It secures the ductwork without screws, tape, or bolts and is compatible with other types of rolled-lip ductwork. The clamp seals tightly to the end of the ductwork, but can quickly be released for infinite adjustments!

What do we mean by quick-to-ship ductwork?

US Duct provides to fitting and quick shipping ductworkTired of waiting? The team at US Duct is committed to getting you quick clamp together duct – CRAZY QUICK!

You may not know about how US Duct does clamp together duct QUICK!

Quick Customer Service

We’ll never leave you in voicemail! Contact US Duct and get a real, informed, and helpful representative. We’ll address your questions, offer experience-based consulting, and get you a quote quickly.

Quick Ductwork Quotes

We will never keep you waiting! Just provide us with a copy of the drawings or a list of what you need and we’ll get you a duct quote back QUICK In hours — not days. All custom branded to you! 

Quick Ductwork Designs

Need help with a system design? We will create a drawing in sketch-up for you and even present it to you and/or your customer!

Quick Delivery

We will fabricate your order quickly and get it delivered to you ON TIME or AHEAD of TIME! No excuses. That's just one way we make selling industrial ductwork easy.


US Duct has a multi-step quality process to make sure your order is correct and shipped on time.

Got a possible project? Let us put our skills, equipment, and service to work for you QUICK! 

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Everything you need to know about Clamp Together DuctEverything You Need to Know About Clamp Together Duct

Clamp Together Duct has become a go-to ductwork system for many industrial applications, but many are still learning about the benefits of this fast and easy ductwork system. If you're a novice or interested in expanding your knowledge of the system — we've got your back.

From how it works to what applications it works best in, this guide gives you EVERYTHING you need to know about Clamp Together Duct (and some information you probably didn’t want or need).

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