Selecting Automatic Blast Gates For Industrial Duct Systems

March 25, 2020

In industrial ducting and dust collection systems, blast gates or “cut-offs” can conserve air volume by opening and closing various parts of the duct system in order to provide air only to the machines or operation that is in use at the time. This can result in lessening the size of the collector required or lower operating costs for the one in existence.

automatic gate

Automatic blast gates from US Duct are a great choice for companies that want to automate the gate opening and closing. Because the automatic blast gates are electronically controlled, pneumatically operated, not only do you eliminate the operator’s involvement but the duct is kept closed until dust evacuation is needed. Therefore air is provided where it is needed, and when it is needed; air (energy) is not wasted.

Automatic blast gates are available in all sizes from 2” up! They require 90 psi to operate and can be controlled by 12 or 24V AC or DC, or by line voltage of 110 or 220V. They are available in galvanized or SS and with rolled lip for clamping to the duct, flanged for angle ring installation or big end/small end for sliding into existing duct. US Duct offers a Full Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not happy with any standard automatic gate under 18” in diameter, return it for a full refund. Contact us for design assistance or help choosing auto blast gates.