Stop Paying Too Much for Your Ductwork

Kim Williams | March 14, 2018

stop paying too much for ductwork


Nobody wants to pay too much for a product or service. Likely, you didn’t wake up this morning and think, “Let’s see how much more I can spend on ductwork today!” Right. We get it. You want the ductwork products that you need without paying too much. But, how do you really calculate the cost of ductwork?

At US Duct, we know there is more to the price of ductwork than the discount and the bottom line.

Ductwork, like all products has a number of cost variables. Of course, you have to consider the price of the parts (how much does a 5’ section of 18” rolled-lip pipe cost me?). However, many resellers don’t calculate other contributing costs: RFQ time, product quality assurance, delivery dependability, available technical assistance, and unexpected installation needs. In actuality, these contributing costs can drastically increase the cost of your ducting project – far beyond the cost of the ducting components.

Analyze the complete cost of your ductwork and you’ll find that US Duct offers the best price in the Industry.

RFQ Time: There are only so many hours in the day. The time you have for selling, increasing revenue flow, is important. Spending too much time requesting and analyzing pricing from different manufacturers takes away from selling and management time. Too often the end results of any product cost savings you find by ‘shopping’ is consumed in the time and effort that you spend researching. Furthermore, having to double check pricing and billing on different projects in order to assure you are receiving the ‘best’ price can strain your resources and the relationship with your ductwork vendors.

Delivery & Installation: “The best laid plans of mice and men, often go astray.” No matter how well you design, specify and plan for a project, it is common to have last minute, onsite issues that require additional products or changes in product specifications. What will it cost to get that part made and shipped quickly? How responsive is your vendor to work with you and find ways to avoid delays? Nothing costs more than project delays due to late deliveries. Equipment costs, labor fees and angry customers make delays expensive in every way. What are the costs of shipping errors or missed production deadlines for ductwork project? Is a lower freight cost worth the risk of missed delivery times? How adept is your vendor at providing dependable shipping and delivery options – at a manageable cost?

Order Accuracy: The old adage is true, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” When considering a ductwork manufacturer, are you certain that you will get the product precisely as you have ordered it? Will the specifications be what you expect? Will the welds, bends and dimensions meet your requirements? What quality controls does your manufacturer have in place? What happens if a part or parts aren’t delivered or arrive with inaccurate specifications? The cost of time and money to replace these parts can be substantial and the damage to the relationship with your customer can be irreparable.

Technical Assistance: Some product orders are simple, some are not. When you need more than a piece of duct, what is the cost of design take-offs, air flow calculations, 3D drawings, product recommendations and feedback? Getting “another set of eyes” on a project can help avoid potential design problems or discover possible product options to provide you with a competitive advantage for your bid/quote. Is your technical contact readily available by phone or do you have to deal with voicemail and long communication delays? Having accessible and experienced technical support can reduce your overall project costs.

Given all of the factors that make up the total cost of your ductwork project, are you paying too much? Want to change that? At US Duct, We Make Selling Ductwork Easy with convenient and quick quotes, dependable delivery, order accuracy and more technical assistance than should be legal, and all for a competitive price on your ductwork components.


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