Troubleshooting DuctQuote's Yellow Warning Symbols

September 20, 2021

Exclamation point in a triangle is a warning symbol you may receive in DuctQuote to indicate that you have a problem with your layout.Yellow warning symbols indicate where there are issues with your ductwork drawing. If the warning symbol is in the center of a section, that section has a problem. If it’s located at a joint or connection, it indicates something wrong with the connection point.

Here are some of the common reasons why you'd receive a warning symbol in DuctQuote — and tips on how to fix them.

1. Use Only One Type of Ducting

You can design ductwork systems in DuctQuote using either US Duct (Clamp Together Duct) or US Tubing (our airtight, quick-connect product). If your layout contains both, you’ll receive the yellow warning symbol. 

2. Remove Any Extra Pieces of Ductwork

Sometimes, extra pieces of ductwork get drawn in DuctQuote and nest within another piece. You may need to use the box selection tool to look at the details in the drawing.

3. Connections Are Drawn at an Odd Angle

DuctQuote is designed for ductwork systems that use standard parts. There may be instances where the part you’re using does not seem to match the centerline drawn. You’ll want to check the angles of the connection and adjust the design to use standard angles (30°, 45°, 60°, or 90°).

4. DuctQuote Includes a Nonstandard Part in the Bill of Materials

When processing a layout’s bill of materials (BOM), DuctQuote may recommend a nonstandard part, like a worm clamp.

Screenshot of DuctQuote giving the user a warning that a part cannot be identified for the bill of materials.

When you get an error saying DuctQuote can’t find a part, that just means it’s not a standard part in our list — that doesn’t mean that we can’t make or get it for you. Feel free to reach out to your DuctGuy to have them:

  • Get a quote for the part you need
  • Discuss a workaround or better solution

Warning: DuctQuote Will Make Ductwork Design Easy

These DuctQuote warnings help ensure that the layout you design is accurate and the proposals you submit are complete. From designing systems to putting together a bill of matierlas, DuctQuote is a tool that can help you close the deal. If you run into a warning that you can't seem to resolve, reach out to your Duct Guy for help.

Steve Rayburn, US Duct's DuctQuote coach and duct design expertErrors and Warnings and Alerts — Oh My!

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