US Duct Personnel Spotlight – Mike Hansen!

Kim Williams | September 24, 2015

Mike HansenMeet Mike Hansen. A recent addition to our Sales Technician team, Mike (Hollywood) Hansen brings technical swagger and customer focus to his work at US Duct. We took a few minutes to pry into the mind of The Hansen (a dangerous endeavor, for sure). Meet Mike.

  • Birthplace: Baltimore, MD
  • Education: GTCC and UNCG for Business Administration.
  • What excites you most about your position here at US Duct?: It’s fast paced at US Duct with new challenges and learning every day.
  • What was your first job?: (insert British accent) I was the host and prep-cook at an English Pub.
  • How does this job challenge you?: Learning a new sector of the manufacturing industry is always a fun challenge. The industry terminology (official and common speak) is complex. We have multiple names for the same parts and applications.
  • Best lesson from a mentor?: Always strive to be the best at whatever you do.
  • Hobbies?: Family. Family is first. I do enjoy riding motorcycles and restoring cars.
  • What do you know how to make?: Ideas! I’m an idea machine. I enjoy finding new solutions to make our services to customers better.
  • Something people don’t know about you?: I’m an introvert.
  • Special Note: Mike is also featured in one of our Duct Guys “Proven Branding Techniques” videos. Can you spot him?