US Tubing Solutions: Providing A Clean & Safe Workspace

Liz Wallace | April 26, 2019

Many modern manufacturing facilities contain machines such as CNCs & EDMs for metalworking and machining that produce oil mist. In wet manufacturing, this mist creates both an enormous safety hazard and a health concern for employees. It is imperative that the mist given off by these machines is collected. Also known as condensation control, this collection serves to prevent slippery surfaces on walking areas and provides benefit for the respiratory well-being of employees.

As today’s technology advances, the demand for more precise parts at a faster pace increases. With parts being created at faster speeds, smaller particles of mist are created making it more and more critical that an oil mist collection system prevents leakage of even the smallest particles of mist.

In addition, lubricants, coolants, and fluids that are being used during metalworking processes such as grinding and cutting are very expensive. Another benefit of having a functional oil mist collection system is that you are then able to reclaim and reuse or recycle the expensive coolants and fluids by having them collect and/or return to the machine.

US Duct offers several specialty products designed specifically for the unique problems with oil mist applications including our leak-free US Tubing, Oil Mist Accumulator, and Oil Mist Curb.  The solutions offer a cost-effective means of capturing the oil mist and creating a workspace that is both clean and free of safety hazards.


US Tubing Airtight Clamp Together Duct System

US Tubing:

In diameters from 4″-18″ and a variety of gauges and metals, US Tubing’s airtight ducting provides the tightness of a flange and gasket seal with the convenience and speed of a clamp together connection system. All parts are fully welded and provide an airtight seal. Ducting systems needing diameters larger than 18” can be accommodated with fully welded flange ducting connections.

Oil Mist Accumulator

Oil Mist Accumulator:

Large amounts of effluent are sucked into the oil mist collection system, US DUCT’s Oil Mist Accumulator reduces the initial amount of effluent at the source, allowing the collector to do its final job of scrubbing the air.

Oil Mist Curb

Oil Mist Curb:

You can’t stop the flex hose from leaking at the final connection it always leaks. But you can capture with our Oil Mist Curb where small weep holes drilled at the base of the curb, allow the oil to weep/leak back into the machine.


These solutions allow for the safest and most productive workspace that is required for modern machining and tool shops. Having a complete mist collection solution allows you to make sure your job remains clean – and successful. Contact us today or click here to learn more about our mist collection offerings, fast lead times, and specialized customizations that we can accommodate.