When it Comes to Delivery: The Incredible Guarantee

Liz Wallace | February 5, 2024

Working with the right ductwork vendor allows you to form a long-term relationship with someone that will learn your business. As your ductwork supplier, US Duct provides you with access to seasoned experts to answer questions, helps you select the right systems and components for your projects, and makes sure your deliveries are complete and on time — every time. 

From take-off design services to on-time delivery to installation, we will provide the support you need for any project. We know that when you succeed, we succeed.

US Duct Incredible Guarantee to customers

That's why we have made "The Incredible Guarantee" to our customers:

If the ordered product is not delivered on time* or is not 100% correct with regard to quality, quantity, dimensions, etc. We will have the correction made within 24 hours** and credit you for 2%*** of the ENTIRE order.


We are committed to making ductwork easy for you by saving you time, money, and the stress of selling ductwork. Contact a Duct Guy with your next project!

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*From time to time, there will be delays related to problems beyond our control. However, this on-time guarantee means that you will be notified in advance of any issues so as to adjust on your end. If you are not notified days in advance, then we are obligated to the delivery date, and the guarantee is in effect. Additionally, we have to have complete control of the freight/truck/method as that is the only way to control the timeliness of delivery.
**This is for standard products only. Specials will be made immediately but may require a longer time.
***2% credit up to $1,250 per order.