Why People Choose Clamp Together Duct.

March 15, 2021

Clamp Together Ductwork ready to ship to a US Duct customer.Tens of thousands of people have chosen to use Clamp Together Duct for its speed of installation. But what makes the installation time so quick and easy? Clamp Together Duct can be installed about 70% faster than other types of ductwork (and by almost anyone) because of several design features. 

Clamp Together Duct is Infinitely Adjustable

Other ductwork connections, like spiral, flanged, or welded duct, require precision measuring and cutting. The ductwork needs to fit together exactly — and there's no wiggle room. If you make mistakes while measuring or cutting, you'll likely need to start over with a new piece of ductwork and hope that piece can be reused elsewhere in the design.

One of the best features of US Duct's Clamp Together Ducting is that it can be infinitely adjustable, thanks to an 11" adjustable sleeve and the adjustable collar found on the end of each fitting. The sleeve slides over the cut end of a 5' pipe and gives the system its telescoping ability. Simply cut the pipe slightly shorter (two to four inches) than the length you actually need and the sleeve can be adjusted to the length that you desire. 

The Rolled Lip and Stainless Steel Clamp

There are plenty of ways to connect ductwork seams: You could clamp it, rivet it, weld it, or bolt it together. But if you had to choose the best, which would you choose? There's a simple answer to this question if you want to save time and money.

Clamp Together Duct is 70% faster, thanks to the rolled lip and stainless steel clamp. The clamp cans securely over the ends of the pipe, drawing components together and sealing them tightly. The clamp is designed for repeatable and long-term use with any brand of rolled-lip ducting, so you can easily release the clamp and adjust when needed.

Anyone Can Install Clamp Together Duct — Literally

That's what's so great about Clamp Together Duct, both self-installers and contractors find it so simple to use without having to sacrifice any functionality. The seal is secure, the install is efficient, and you look like a ductwork hero!

When you work with US Duct, we'll also provide you with simple, easy-to-follow drawings of your specific system. The "A to B" instructions make it quick and easy to install systems large and small.

Ready to Use Clamp Together Duct?

If the answer is yes, reach out to a Duct Guy to start the conversation about your specific application and how Clamp Together Duct could save you time and money! If you aren't quite sold on just how great the product is, request a sample from us!

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