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Kim Williams | January 15, 2018

Your Clamp Together Duct TIGHTER Alternative – Meet US Tubing

I have been a champion of Clamp Together Duct, also known as rolled-lip duct, for decades. Since its introduction into the United States in the 1980s, this European developed duct has moved from a specialty product (used only where the duct needed to be cleaned out regularly) to a standard product now universally accepted for dust collection.  Now it is time for another clamp connect duct option.

Clamp Together Duct is a great product, worthy of the attention it has received, but only for the right applications, applications like dust, nuisance material, fumes and very light mist. As the product has become more popular, its usage has been expanded. Gauges have gotten heavier, resulting in a real benefit to certain applications for heavy and abrasive dust loads. However, a number of applications have remained beyond the reach of this easy, adaptable product.

Let’s face it, heavy oil mist applications are NOT a good fit for Clamp Together Duct. Despite the addition of stick-on gaskets, longitudinal pipe welds and the slathering of special sealants, the product is still prone to leaking. What is more, trying to use rolled-lip duct for food, positive pressure systems and vacuum applications has never been a successful option. The very design of the product creates problems. Bug harbors along the rolled-lip have kept the food industry from embracing Clamp Together Duct. The absence of an airtight seal under positive pressure has prevented its use in conveyance and continued leaks at high negative pressures that have kept it from being effectively used in pressure vacuum systems. As a result many resellers have thrown out the proverbial baby with the bath water, abandoning future potential Clamp Together Duct sales, declaring that ‘it leaks’. Given the experience, who can blame them? Because, it does leak- all versions of it- Nordfab’s Quick-Fit, K&B’s Rolled-Lip and even our own Clamp Together Duct.


Now there is another option – a Clamp-Connection duct that doesn’t leak! US Duct now manufacturers a line of fully welded, fully gasketed ‘tubing’ to address all these issues – US Tubing. US Tubing is similar to Clamp Together Duct in that it is fast and easy to design, sell, order and install. It is also adjustable BUT it doesn’t leak.


us tubing gif


Here’s why:

  1. The rolled lip ends have been replaced with ends that are turned out at 90 degrees- like a vanstone- only neater and flat- very flat (see image above).
  2. A v-formed gasket encompasses and slides over and fully around one end of the 90 degree edge. The gasket is provided in conductive/food grade EPDM (yes, I said food grade), silicon or viton.
  3. A heavy duty clamp encompasses the duct connection and can be adjusted and tightened to fully secure the seal. The clamp squeezes the gasketed end and flat end together – wham! An airtight seal.
  4. Welds can range from acceptable for sealing to pristine for food grade.
  5. We do offer an adjustable sleeve- in fact we offer a 12” and a 4” sleeve. These sleeves provide a truly tight seal that is very acceptable in mist applications. For food and positive pressure systems we recommend getting the duct in exact lengths (under 5’) as needed for the installation. (Note: Many people get the sleeves for the installation and once the installation is complete and the final length is determined, order the exact length and replace the adjustable length.)

There you have it. Finally, a completely leak-free option in the convenience of a clamp together product. 

Want to learn more? Read the additional FAQs below.


What? You’re Still Reading…Ok. Here’s More…


Where it is the same as Clamp Together Duct:

  1. It is fast and easy to install.
  2. The US tubing connection design is available for all additional components and special items.
  3. Easy to estimate and design. Pretty much just like Clamp Together Duct.
  4. The fastest delivery. Days, not weeks. We produce and deliver quickly.


Other FAQ’s about US Tubing:

  1. Is it more expensive? Yep! And when you see the product, the seal and the clamp you will wonder why it isn’t more. And may I add, even if it were twice the price, it is cheaper than an oil shower or installing all the bolts and nuts of flange connections.
  2. How does it resemble Jacob Tubing? Very closely- except that US Tubing is readily available, and we simplified the system. And, in our not so humble opinion it is a lot easier to design, estimate and install. Why? Jacob offers multiple length pipe and slip tubes (adjustable pieces) that slide into the pipe to make the adjustment. We tried that and boy was it cumbersome. With all the variations of lengths in pipe and slips, we found that the installer never was sure where to use the various lengths. They always ended up with mismatched parts, extra pieces and often had to order duplicates or special lengths to complete the system. We quickly determined that the adjustable scheme of Clamp Together Duct, with a 12” sleeve sliding over the cut pipe was much better. We did add a 4” sleeve to make managing a short fitting easier.
  3. What materials are offered and can it be painted? Galvanized, carbon, SS304, SS316 and yes.
  4. Gauges offered? 12 thru 22.
  5. Teflon and other coatings? Yes, depending on the application and part size.
  6. Guarantees? Properly installed- IT WILL NOT LEAK. Want proof. Ask for a sample. It will come filled with water just to prove the point.
  7. Who is Myles? Myles is a seal. US Duct has Ducks. When we came out with US Tubing we thought that it was unique enough that it needed its own logo, brand and mascot. A seal seemed appropriate. The name Myles? I’m not sure – but visit TheUltimateSeal.com and watch Myles to find out more. 
  8. Can I get a quote? Of course – Quote Please!


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