Coffee Roasting Exhaust Systems

There are really three stages to the coffee bean roasting process where ducting is needed to exhaust and extract particulate from the air.

  • The loading stage. When the beans are loaded into loaders and drums, dust can bloom. Hoods and ducting can be used to capture the dust and prevent it from settling back into the drum.
  • The initial roasting stage. Heat from the drum, bean hulls/skins, and dust all need to be extracted as exhaust from the 450F degree drum environment.
  • The cooling stage. As the coffee beans move from the roaster to the cooling tray, both particulates generated during roasting and heat from the drum need to be collected and conveyed through ductwork as exhaust or to a collector for filtering prior to exhaust.

Because types of ductwork needed for these stages of roasting varies, it is important to have a coffee roasting duct system that provides the right combination of versatility, seal and heat tolerance. When ducting is traveling through a building envelope, or near combustibles,  single wall ducting may need modifications (shielding or double wall segments). Please consult your authorities having local jurisdiction regarding "clearance to combustibles" and other code requirements.