The Versatile Auto Gate

February 5, 2024

US Duct makes automatic action gates for virtually every industrial ductwork application your business experiences.

US Duct Auto Gates have forged the highest product benefits, resulting in numerous specific situations 

Product Benefits:

  • Pneumatically operated and electrically controlled 
  • It requires 90 psi to operate but uses very little volume
  • It uses an electric solenoid to move the gate in the cylinder to direct airflow
  • Activated by virtually any electrical signal– 12/24 V, AC/DC, or 110/220 line voltage
  • The solenoid operates off of milli-amps and requires only minimal wiring
  • Sizes 3″ and up
  • Galvanized or SS
  • Standard gates or air-tight

Applications Include:

  • Situations where machines do not run all the time
  • Situations in which the collector is sized for a percentage of the machines to be running at one time
  • Situations where employees forget to close manual gates
  • Situations in which there are "hard-to-reach" locations
  • Situations where employees are experiencing complex, multi-gate systems
  • Situations in which the systems require numerous gate and configuration changes

Find out more information by downloading our Auto Gate Spec Sheet, visiting the auto gate section of our website, or contacting your Duct Guy at 855-487-3828 or