Industrial Clamp-Connect Ducting for Air Knife Applications

An air knife, or airknife, is a system that uses bursts of air to do a job such as drying off cans on a canning line. These systems usually include a blower, duct or hose, and some sort of nozzle. On smaller systems, flex or plastic hose may be used, but on larger systems, hard ducting pipe is more likely.

Larger systems often utilize high pressure blowers and require hard ducting to accommodate the pressure where flex hose might balloon or wear prematurely. In addition, blower driven systems are often replacing compressed air systems because of lower ongoing operation costs and the ability to regulate pressure and flow particular to a given application. These systems often require a stronger, airtight ducting.

Airtight Tubing for Airknife Applications

US Tubing’s Clamp-Connect, airtight ducting offers a superior option, providing both a leak-free seal to maintain optimal pressure throughout the system and a quick clamp connection for ease of adjustments and changes to any air knife system.

Benefits of US Tubing for Airknife Applications:

  • The ultimate seal for no-loss pressure applications
  • Fast clamp connections for ease of assembly