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Airtight Tubing Style Ducting


US Duct is your COMPLETE ducting source.


We can provide a tighter duct option - US Tubing, fully welded, airtight duct in a clamp connection style. If you are familiar with Jacob Tubing, you'll understand the valve of a truly strong, airtight clamping connection. Because our tubing product is made right here in the USA - there are no over seas shipping delays and you can get even custom products in days - not weeks.

In diameters from 4"-18" and a variety of gauges and metals, US Tubing's airtight ducting provides the tightness of a flange and gasket seal with the convenience of a clamp together connection system. Contact us for more information or contact us using the link below.

US Tubing is an airtight and leak-free product line of US Duct, Inc. We manufacture this modular metal tubing system, commonly called ducting or pipework, for mist collection, dust extraction, bulk handling, ventilation and low pressure conveying - anywhere that leaking is NOT an option. All parts are fully welded and designed to provide an airtight seal. Our ductwork is available with either a fast clamp-connection or a standard bolt ­together flange. Both are available in galvanized, stainless and painted carbon steel. Clamp-Connect tubing is produced in diameters from 4" to 18" and available in standard 16 gauge. Options for 22 to 14 gauge thicknesses are available, where needed. For the Flange-Connect tubing, we can deliver the pipe up to 8 gauges thick and in diameters from 4'-48'.



We offer standard products such as 60” straight tubes, adjustable sleeves for fast, in field, adjustments (in suitable applications), elbows, branches, reducers, gates, butterfly valves, and all needed accessories. Additionally we can fabricate special hoods and parts as needed with the US Tubing connection system. We ship within 3-5 days and faster shipping is available upon request. All products are available in a wide variety of materials including galvanized, stainless steel, and painted carbon steel, all in various gauges.

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